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Cloudkeeping Series: Expensify

In our third installment in our cloudkeeping series, we chose to highlight the benefits of using Expensify!

Expensify is a platform to capture all of your company's expenses. It allows the user to take a picture of their receipt and Expensify will submit your expense report with just one click. This really takes the hassle out of expense reporting.

This app also allows for ACH direct payments that are in your payee's account within 24 hours of processing. This reduces the need of either cheques or logging into a bank account to make the payment, and simplifies this workflow!

Finally, there is a seamless integration with a number of cloud accounting systems, so that you won't even need to enter the information in. Simply sync your books and Expensify will automatically track expenses for you.

If your small business is looking to simply their expenses, we truly believe that Expensify is a great cloud app for any accountant/bookkeeper's arsenal!

Stay tuned for the next stop on our journey, as we will be reviewing another must have app.

For more information: www.expensify.com

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